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Over the years we have seen a shift in the use of cars such as theBMW E92 M3 andE82 1M Coupe, with more of their time being spent on track and the power, chassis and braking modifications carried out, taking them from being quick road cars to very able and incredibly fast road-legal racers.Made in our stiffest Black 95Amaterial and supplied with steel outer shells for better load distribution and an offset adjustable CNC-machined stainless-steel sleeve and spanner, it combinesall of the necessary ingredients to be perfectly suited to both road and track use.PFF5-401G Front Radius to Chassis Bush Caster Adjustableto provide up to+/- 0.75 degreesof on-car caster adjustment, resulting in greater in-corner camber gain, improved stability at high-speed and the ultimate optimisation of your vehicle's front wheel geometry.This change in design increases stiffness by a further 25% over our previous offering for improved durability and braking stabilityand a 140% increase over the worn rubber bush.

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