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Tesla Jack Pad Adaptor
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PF75-1001 Jack Pad Adaptor combines our durability-biased polyurethane with a 95A base pad and an in-house CNC machined High-Tensile grade 2011 Aluminium body, providing a long-lasting and reliable product.Taking advantage of the OEM chassis jacking point, PF75-1001 uses a Red65A durometer polyurethaneadaptor bung that compresses into the centre mounting hole, allowing the jack pad to be fitted prior to lifting, making the process significantly easier.Whether you are an owner or regularly work on Tesla's, this is a handy boot or toolbox companion offering perfect lifting peace of mind. Fitting the Powerflex PFF75-1001 Jack Pad to the Tesla Model 3, which uses the same jacking point as the Model Y.Fitting the PowerflexPFF75-1001 Jack Pad to the Tesla Model S, which uses the same jacking point as the Model X.Jacking a Tesla Model S using the Powerflex PFF75-1001 Jack Pad, giving you a safe location to jack the car without damaging the battery.

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