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Przednia tuleja przedniego wahacza 30mm (regulacja kąta pochylenia koła)
Czas realizacji: 7-10 dni


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267.61 Za tuleję

535.22 Za zestaw

Liczba tulei w aucie
PFF85-201G gives +/- 0.5 degrees of camber adjustment. If fitting on Audi TT MK1, S3, and A3 MK1 and Seat Leon & Cupra MK1 it fits earlier models with a 30mm diameter. It fits both the pressed and cast arms on the Leon & Cupra MK1 and A3 MK1 2WD. Please check the original bush size. Later cars may use a larger (non-adjustable) 45mm bush PFF3-501. PFF85-201G bush features a CNC machined Stainless Steel sleeve with an offset bore that can be rotated using our bespoke tooling (supplied), giving +/- 0.5 degrees of on-car camber adjustment. For a non-offset version of this bush please use PFF85-201.Knurled end faces prevent sleeve rotation to retain suspension geometry.PFF85-201GBLK boosts stiffness over the original part by 15%.

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