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Dolna poduszka silnika, Fast Road/Track
Czas realizacji: 7-10 dni


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738.86 Za tuleję

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PFF19-2223 is a complete replacement mount for the original engine mount. For an insert only please use PFF19-2225. Fits 1.0L Ecoboost manual and automatic models. The combination of stiffer bush material grades used in our Lower Torque Mount, PFF19-2223P is for a more spirited drive more suited to fast road/track use. With this, there is a slight increase in NVH but improved control of wheel spin/hop is achieved. For fast road use on a car used daily, we would recommend PFF19-2223. With a minimal increase in NVH, reduced wheel hop and a more direct transition of power to the road. For dedicated track cars or for those who don't mind additional NVH PFF19-2223BLK is for the ultimate in engine movement control. For ST models use PFF19-2223P.

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